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Michigan Witches Ball

The Detroit Conjure & Folk Magic Festival returns for 2021 with a woodland setting. Cottage Core, Green Magic, and Folk Traditions are our theme this year.​

Set in the woods, we are holding a scaled back event for safety. Plentiful trails, trees, access to swimming, near a campground, and picnic areas, you can enjoy a weekend delight. While the festival itself is one day, you can choose to make it a day trip, or arrange with the park for a camping weekend.

Our admission is free for the general event. Bring a lunch or we might have a meal or two to buy.

Our vendor row is limited to less than ten vendors this year.

We really wanted to focus on keeping in harmony with our surroundings and lessen our impact on the wildlife.

So, yeah, quieter, softer, and more folksy are the words this time around. But that doesn't mean not wild!

DJ Brutal Entertainment will be filling the resource bldg with mellow songs

Stay for the Wicker Chicken Burn!

This is an outdoor focused event, with a main bldg for food, some of the classes, and accessible restrooms.

We are rain or shine, under the pines.

Attendance is limited due to state restrictions, which is why we used Eventbrite.


We are the Detroit Conjure & Folk Magic Festival, and we are here to chew bubble gum and give you a magical experience.

Often imitated, but not duplicated. We are the real thing.

We are one of the most unique outdoor festivals of our kind. We bring together different faiths, traditions, beliefs, and practices. We create a truly educational and diverse happening for those interested in exploring folk magic. Most of our presenters are part of the Michigan Magical Continuum.

We seek out the unusual and uncommon. This developed a unique tribe of our fans called Conjis. Friendly and fun loving, they make the event more like family. They participate in scavenger hunts and other fun adventures. You can join them in Detroit Conjure & Folk Magic Festival Nation in Facebook.

Did we mention we have music, food, and family fun? Oh yeah, we have a lot of good times, and memories for you to make here.

We are an accessible event, and if you have need of special accommodations, we ask you to message us so that we can prepare for your best experience . If you have trouble viewing this site, please message us.

Please view our safety policy before you attend.

Detroit Conjure & Folk Magic Festival


No form of harassment (insults, stalking, threatening, bullying, misgendering, “dead naming”,unwanted touching, etc) or discrimination (by sex, political belief, creed, religion, race, disability, etc) will be tolerated. All attendees, vendors, volunteers, and staff must abide by the Detroit Conjure and Folk Magic Festival’s anti-harassment and safety first policy and report any harassment or discrimination to staff immediately.

There will be no using language that can be considered homophobic, sexist, transphobic, racist, ableist, political, religious, etc. This includes hate speech featuring emphasis on sexual orientation (the f-word), trans status (the t-word), neurotype (the r-word, the c-word), physical ability (the l-word, the other c-word) , gender, sex, religious affiliation, political affiliation, race (the n- word, the p-word, the ch- word, k-word, or others). If it sounds wrong, it probably is. Tell us immediately!

Jokes about rape, sexual assault, immigration status, neurotype, and other forms of “othering” will not be tolerated and will be seen as harassment.

Public outbursts of hate speech, political or religious rallying, or other activity inappropriate to the event, and designed to provoke a response, or “fighting words” are strictly prohibited.

If there is an incident, staff will look into the situation by hearing out a full and uninterrupted presentation of both sides before action will be taken, if applicable:

First we will ask what happened, who was involved, and who else witnessed. These persons will be asked to calmly present what happened without interruption.

The offended party will go first to state what offended them WITHOUT INTERRUPTION. The accused party will present their understanding of how their words of actions were intended WITHOUT INTERRUPTION. The offender will acknowledge the impact that their actions/words have had on the offended without rationalizing and both will part with an understanding that as a community, we cannot allow pain to be the coin in which we trade. Peace will be made and apologies, if applicable, made and we move onward. In the event there is no peace, and a continued disruption, the offender will be asked to leave.

The offended MUST let it go at that point, unless the behavior is repeated. Continued engagement without provocation will result in removal.

When possible, we urge the parties to resolve issues without involving staff. We do NOT tolerate whisper campaigns or personal social media attacks or memes of our attendees, as these are violent acts of mental aggression.

6. We strive to do our best to meet the needs of our attendees as best we can, in accordance with local and state ordinances. IF for any reason, you feel that we can do a better job, please let us know. In accord with this, we welcome any community organizations that would like to be involved with the festival to please contact us. However, they will also have to agree to our policies on safety and inclusion.

7. All those affiliated with the festival are also expected to maintain the dignity of themselves, and respect the dignity of others. This extends to all attendees of the event, regardless of payment status, vendors, and et al.

8. We encourage and endorse other events, however, we do not allow persons or organizations to solicit, proselytize, or otherwise engage our staff, volunteers, vendors, performers, teachers, presenters, ritualists, guests, or others associated with our festival in such a way that can be seen as intimidating, “hard selling”, or pressuring. If you are unsure, talk with a staff member for clarification.

9. If for any reason, you feel that you have been treated unkindly, unfairly, or thought-policed in our event, please see our staff with you concerns. They will be addressed in a courteous, compassionate, and professional manner.

10. Children must be safe. This means that you should know where they are. If you have put them into a class, give the teacher a way to contact you. We are helping with this by putting a wristband program in place with contact information. We ask that you abide by this policy. If you become separated, we will respectfully and swiftly take matters in hand to reunite you. If you are unsure of where your little person has gone, inform staff immediately. We have a protocol.

We understand that things happen, so we are extra careful. Unlike some event control staffing incidents at other festivals we have witnessed, we will never seek to shame or menace you. We are here to help, so come to us.

Also, if you have any prohibition on being in proximity to children, we are asking that you NOT violate these orders. We will not hesitate to abide by the law, and if we are informed by people in attendance that you are violating the law, we will check it immediately via local law enforcement in a confidential and swift fashion. The Hazel Park Police Department are good folks to know, as we do know them. If found to be a fact, we will not hesitate to inform them of your violation.


11. This is a public venue. As such, we cannot reasonably control every person who enters the public park. However, if you are in possession of a restraining order, and the individual shows up, inform us. We are not the police. But we DO need to be informed so that potential issues can be averted, and so that we can be vigilant. We have a good relationship with local law enforcement if there are any issues, and stand ready to contact the authorities in the instance of a breach of law.

12. The Festival will, at all times, conduct itself in accord with local, state, and federal laws. If it is illegal, do NOT do it here.

13. We reserve the right to revoke your ticket, free or otherwise, without refund if you are found in violation of this policy, by action or speech.. We reserve the right to ask for the removal of ANY persons from our event, under our sole discretion, but with explanation. If you wish to contest our decision, you may do so in accord with our conflict resolution procedure.

14. The Detroit Conjure & Folk Magic Festival is an event that takes place in public spaces. If you do not wish to have you image photographed, talk to our photographer. Also, we have no control over public venue shots. Personal photographs should only be taken with the permission of all persons involved in the shot. ASK FIRST, EVERYONE.

15. We reserve the right to use public photographs submitted by our official photographer, and any mechanical/media recordings of this public event if not given written objection via email at [email protected]*